Christmas days with Cloth Inc.

Hello everyone! So glad that finally I am back!
I was having a rough day for the last few weeks during my very first pregnancy!
Yes! I am happily announce that I am pregnant… 11 weeks! 
Me and husband are so happy and excited! What a good news on Christmas!
Please, wish me luck for my first pregnancy… I hope that everything will going well until the delivery day! Hoho… so happy and nervous at the same time.

Well, enough with the pregnancy news, now it's time for another fun news…
So, last week I got a parcel from Cloth inc, let me tell you a bit about the brand.
Cloth inc is a local brand founded in early 2012 by Julian Tanoto, a 21 years old student who are currently majoring marketing and found her passion in both fashion and business. The brand went viral and grows fast and until today Cloth inc has sold more than 15,000 clothes all over Indonesia and Malaysia.
Cloth Inc is a ready to wear clothing line that aimed to bring fashion conscious people with the latest trend in every season. They deliver young vibe with the essence of comfort (which is really important for me) and practicality in their creative designs.
As the brand Cloth Inc is spelled fast to be 'clothing' itself, they would like to be the place where you will remember when you think about clothing, they're keep growing to be your reliable place to find what you need for fashion.


This season, they express their collection in the shades of earth and neutral tones shown in the palette of broken white, creme, camel brown and black. The collection they present in these warm earth tones are made to resemble the feeling of Fall/Winter season, wrapped in semi minimalist, modern urban silhouette and styled in layers of coats and knitwear.

Feel free to click and stop bye at their webstore at www.clothinc-shop.com to shop their latest fall/winter collection ^.^

Happy shopping everyone!

xoxo adelle


  1. That leopard tee and the coat looks super match kak adelle!!


  2. amazing style!! i love the outfits.
    the blog looks great. you did great work.

    Visit my blog: http://www.jonthegold.com/
    Greets Jon!

    1. nice blog and added you to my circle ^.^

  3. Perfect outfits there... kamu Lucu sekali xxx


  4. love the second picture! :-)


  5. I love your blog
    congrats pn your pregnancy :D

  6. great post! i like the pictures. That style is very nice
    nice blog btw

    Greets Jon,

  7. Gila udah lama bgt ga mampir k sini. Just when i think i'll be back on blogsphere i think it's you who's gonna leave it! lol. cute shades of camel and beige! aku bgt *semua d claim aku bgt* lol

    miss you sis !

    1. ddoohh kak… aku baru balik lagi niihh… finally, after months!! haha.. gilaa…

      kangen deh kak… yuuk meet up kek gituuu...