secret mascara!

Hi everyone! Glad to be back!
Yes.. this time I want to share with you my personal opinion about a secret mascara.
So, an agency emailed me couple weeks ago and said that they want to send me a secret mascara from a brand… they said that it is a high end brand mascara and the brand products sells in Sephora.
I was like… hhmm… interesting! I love most of high end brands in Sephora… well, who doesn't ??

The package came in a small black box with an off white bow and the mascara itself in black tube and silver cap and no brand on it. Mysterious… haha! 

When I open it I was a bit … hhmm… not so happy about the bristles.
Yes, I am not a big fan of mascara with plastic bristles, I don't know why, I never use rubber bristles before but I just don't like it. And now I am happy that I have a chance to try one and see how it works. 

I've tried this mascara twice… and I love it.
It's a black colour mascara and so far all I can say about it is that it is a volumizing mascara (which is good) and seriously waterproof… another good thing is that you won't see any residue or colour transfer to your under eye area. I have no idea if this mascara really works that way but that's my impressions when I applied this mascara on my lashes that lasts for about 6-8 hours.

Thank you for reading!

xoxo adelle

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