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So glad that finally able to do a post again! Today is another lip swatch! 
Not two, not three… but only one shade. Haha! Because it is Christian Louboutin lipstick! I'd love to do 10 or 20 swatches for you but when I am become a billionaire… okay? I promise.
So, I only have one of Christian Louboutin lipstick. Since I love matte lipstick, I got the matte velvet one in the shade Zoulou. If you like brown lipstick that has red undertone to it, this one is for you, except if you're on a budget, of course. Speaking about budget, the Christian Louboutin's lipstick is around USD 90 and the lip liner is around USD 70. Which is insane.
 The packaging is beautiful and it feels expensive… and it's a bit heavy.
 Even though the lipstick is matte, it is not dry on my lips and glides on easily, like a butter. It stays on your lips quite well. You still need to touch up if you eat oily food or heavy meals and I think that's normal, you should be worried if the lipstick stays and you can not remove it. 
Well, so far, I love the lipstick. I have no idea if I am going to get another shade or not because you know… the price is ridiculous. But, the lipstick is great, the colour pay off, the packaging and the quality… really worth the money. The only advice from me if you want to get your first Louboutin lipstick, get the shade you're comfortable with. I love brown colour lipstick, so I got Zoulou. If you like red lipstick, get one even if you already have hundreds of red lipstick in your makeup storage. Just make sure you like and love what you got after spending lots of your money.

Thank you for reading!
Have a good day!

xoxo adelle

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