featured ...again.

This time I wanna share with you some of my photos from some websites.
I just found it few days ago. Well, I had a interview and photo shoot with Berrybenka few weeks ago and they asked me questions about La delle's history and concept.
Some of La delle's designs are now available on Berrybenka.com
Most of them are sold out and some of them still available ... for now.
By the way, for more details about the interview, read here.

Well, these photos are from some website/ blog that I had found from google.
They wrote about me and my outfits. So happy to found out that some people really like the way I dressed up and mix and match my fashion stuffs.
Thank yous !!

See you on the next post!!

xoxo adelle

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  1. great achievement :)
    *wondering what I'll get in google about me* hehe