Foxxy Clothing

Last Saturday I was invited to a fashion show at Playground, Plaza Indonesia by Foxxy Clothing.
It was their grand launching event with 40 designs of clothes and mostly are dresses.
So sorry that I can not post the entire designs because it's to many and most of the photos are not in good quality ... blur.

The designer, Natasha Cinta Vinski.
She's one of my juniors at campus.
Yes, she's a med student.
I think she's also one from millions med student who loves fashion more than the medical things. Haha!

After the show, me and my friends moved to another place just to have a glass of beer,
well, I prefer to drink lychee beer than the usual beer.
We had fun that night, talked about shoes, bags and many brands from around the world.

That's it for now.
Thank you for reading.

xoxo adelle

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