Flats collection!

Holla, my readers!
Today, my post will be a little bit different because I will show and share my flats collection in a video.
I am so happy and excited that finally I can post my own video on youtube and share it with you here, on my blog. YEAY! I am also a bit nervous about it, because this is the first time I am using iMovie and still confuse how to make a good video to watch. Haha! So so so sorry if you find the video is quite lack of quality. I will try to make a better video for my heels collection. I promise.

So, I can not put the links below the video on youtube, so I will share the links here if you want to buy the same items from the video. 
Shop the fair love cardigan here and here
 Loushkii is a local brand from Indonesia. I dare you to unleash your inner explorer with Loushkii's first time ever limited collection, the voyager, exclusively designed to be travel-ready, with durable stitchings, worldwide adaptable designs, and ooohhh-sssoooooo-comfy cuttings. This collection is dedicated for the feisty, global minded, and zestful women alike.

I bought this skulls necklace from an online shop in Facebook, but I just found out that this one is already sold out. The online shop is Studded Heart, I will give you the link of the shop. I can tell that they sell so many lovely necklaces, bracelets and rings. So, click here to shop!

By the way, about the shoe links, I will only give you link for shoes that might be still available online or at the store. Because most of my flats are from years ago and still in good conditions, so some of them looks like new but the fact is that it's already sold out from years ago.

This lovely ballet spike flats is from Giuseppe Zanotti. My aunt bought me this last year as my graduation gift. I found this shoes online but in black, pink and blue colour, I can't find in this creme colour. This shoes extremely comfortable to wear. 
Click here to buy this shoes online... and they're ON 40% SALE! Oh my God!

You still can find this lovely red colour Zara - Trafaluc shoes at Zara store. I fell in love with them from the first time I saw them. I love the colour and the spikes details. 
What a cute flats, even it has studs on it. 

This one, with a really nice tiger face on the front of the shoes. I bought this from eBay few months ago and I'm never wearing them. Not because it's not good, it's because it smells like tire, like ... seriously.
And... yeah, one more information, I suggest you to order one size bigger, because it's pointy.
Buy this shoes here...

This one is from Balenciaga. I love this one because the red colour and yes.. because it is Balenciaga.
I wear this shoes a lot. It goes well with any colour of my outfit. No need to think twice to buy this pair of shoes. I think it is one of 'must have' fashion item.
It's still available here!

This is the only and my fave flatform I have. This is from Shoe Corner.
They sent me this last year and I brought this on my vacation to Turkey. This is incredibly comfortable.
I've checked that most of them are sold out, but I will give you the link so you can ask the owner about to make more stocks of this shoes.
Visit their blog here ...

I hope all of you like the video. I am sorry about my no make-up face, I am only wearing eye-liner and lipstick and I also had a bad hair day, so I have to pull up my hair into a messy hair bun.
I also apologize about the quality of the video ^.^

Thank you for reading!
See ya!

xoxo adelle


  1. wonderful^^
    love the videos kkk~
    you have so many collection, can't wait for the boots video cuz I'm boots lover.
    I'm your new follower btw.

    visit my little cream button♥

    1. thank you for watching! I will make a video about my boots collection after my heels and wedges collection ya ^.^

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  3. hahaha i love bigbang too! they're so cool and different from other boyband :D
    and i like your video, i love how you play your feet with the rythm <3 haha
    waiting for your next collection :)