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Hi everyone! I hope all of you are doing great!
Today I am going to share my current favourite stuffs. Some of them are new stuffs and some of them I got from few months ago but still become my favourite.

From my previous post, I've already mention my upcoming EOS lip balm collection in Medicated Tangerine flavour. Well, I have a super dry lips and this lip balm works amazing. It moisturised my lips! It also smells okay … I can smell something weird from it but I think it's because it is medicated, so it's not a big deal for me.

I also have a dry body skin, so lotion wasn't good enough to moisturised my skin and I have to use body butter to solve my skin problem. My favourite are from The Body Shop. Most of them smells great and works well for my skin!

Messy bun is my favourite hair style since I am having an extreme long hair now (and I am going to salon as soon as possible and cut them off … not all of them, just want to make it shorter) so I like to use this cute bow pin on the side of my messy bun just to make it more cuter.

YSL lipsticks are everyone's favourite. Their colours are adorable! 
Planning to get the Le Orange after I am done with this one ^.^

This one is a lip balm. I bought it in Hong Kong few months ago. Love the smell and the packaging is cute. But, it doesn't works really well for my super dry lips … I like it and keep it because of the packaging.

Yes! I just bought my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 few days ago and I love it. This is my first time using smartphone from Samsung. Not because I am a Korean lover, but it is seriously because this gadget contains many useful applications. I was planning to buy iPhone 5c or 5s, but when I saw this one and saw the comparison video between iPhone 5s vs Galaxy Note 3, I can see that iPhone is boring. I am not an iPhone hater since I am still using my 4s now. Still need to learn how to use this phone, but so far, this gadget is really cool. Decided to get the white one because the jet black colour is too masculine for me.

Well, thank you for reading!
Have a good day y'all.

xoxo adelle

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