inside my make up pouch...

Hello everyone! 
Another post about beauty products and this time I will share about my daily make up products.
I am not a make up junkie but I do love to have lovely beauty products. Usually, I never put on too much make up and sometimes I go out without any make up on, just my skincare on my face. 

As you can see that I also have a facial mask, analgesic and hand cream in my make up pouch... just in case I need to use them. I believe that most of you have heard many raves about SK-II products and yes, I love their products, I love their facial masks and that's why I always have one in my pouch. It rehydrated my skin really well and makes my skin smooth and supple. 
The yellow tube is my favourite hand cream! It smells good and really moisturised my super dry hand skin. I bought it at Watsons, Hong Kong. Still can not find it in Indonesia. Akh, too bad!
I also have my analgesic with me everywhere I go. I often to get headache under the extreme hot weather, so that's why I need it.

SK-II face powder and Etude House blush on in strawberry muffin colour
 SK-II face powder is one of my favourite face powders I have. I also have my Make Up Forever duo mat and 17 (I bought it in Bangkok, and it is a good compact powder). For daily make up, I use my SK-II face powder, it contains vitamin C and sunscreen (SPF 20). Two thumbs up for this product!

My one and only blush on is from Etude House in strawberry muffin colour. The packaging is really cute and so Korean. The colour is also nice and looks naturally pink on your cheeks. Just make sure you're not use it excessively. Remember, less (make up) is more ^,^

Currently, I am living in Surabaya and the weather is extremely hot and dry. My lips and skin are became more drier and I need extra treatments to keep them moist. 
The new addition to my lip treatment pack is my EOS lip balm in Honeysuckle flavour. It is a great product and it can moisturised my very dry lips. I am also still waiting for the medicated tangerine (since it's not available in Indonesia, so I bought it online) and I heard that it's made to cure the very very dry lips... I'll do a review post after I use it for couple weeks. And so far, I have no complain about it and I recommend you to have one if you have dry lips problem. It also good to use under your lipstick! Worth to try...

Next is my chubby stick moisturizing lip colour balm from Clinique. This one is another favourite because I don't need to put on any lipstick because this one comes with intense red colour. I bought this one because I lost my red colour lipstick ... also from Clinique and the colour turned out pretty the same between the lip balm and lipstick. Intense!

Nivea lip gloss is another favourite and I only use it at home because it's a bit glossy and I don't really like walking around with glossy lips. The only complain about this one is the 'glossy look' thing.

Another glossy lip product is this Vaseline petroleum jelly. We all know that this product is an expert to moisturised very dry lips and skin and again... the only complain is the glossy and oily look. I often apply this on my lips at night before I go to bed.

And for the eyes, I only applies eye liner and light mascara and both of them have to be waterproof. 
Eye shadow and brow pencil are only for special occasion. For eye liner, I have lots of them mostly in brown colour, black and grey. My fave are Estee Lauder, Dior, Etude House and Maybeline
For mascara, I only have three, it's Elf, Revlon and Maybeline
Nothing special about my eye make ups, I just think that most of them from many different brands are just works the same ^.^

The products review is based on my personal opinion, some people may like the products and some people don't... and just wanted to let you know that this is not a sponsored post.

Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
Have a good day everyone!

xoxo adelle