i am sorry...

Holla everyone!

I just want to say I am sorry if I didn't or forgot to reply all your comments on my blog post. I've read all of them via email and when I logged in to my blog I often forgot to replied. I did check out all your blogs and sometimes I left a comment when I have much time blogging. As you know that I also working as an aesthetic doctor and now I am a wife, I often don't have much time checking out my blog. Usually after finished a blog post, I logged out and forgot to reply the comments. I am so sorry. From now on I'll try to remember to check and reply all your comments. I hope you understand.

I am also thinking about to change my blog name and design as soon as possible when I got back to Jakarta. I feel like I am changed since I got married. Now I am really into beauty world, I am still love fashion but lately, I like to try out many beauty products and wrote about it. So, my next new blog concept is about Fashion & Beauty. 

I hope that everything is going well.

Thank you for reading and the understanding!
Have a good day lovely readers ^.^

with love, Adelle 

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