Hi everyone!
So happy that now I’m able to do a blog post since now I’m living in Surabaya, East Java for the next couple months. I am here with my husband because he’s preparing his specialist program in urology major.
I am sending my best wishes of luck for him!
*kisses and hugs*

So, I want to tell you that finally DuePunti’s official site is ON!!
You can choose your favorite DuePunti diamond rings with playful colors and do the mix and match to get lovely combination of the rings colors using colour lab facility before you buy them. Well, so far I can not leave without my DuePunti rings. It’s diamond but it doesn’t look too much or showing off because of the colorful silicon. It looks playful and stylish at the same time.
 Feel free to visit the playful site from here.

Made in ltaly, DuePunti has created the perfect fusion of luxury and fun, from an innovative and ingenious combination of diamonds and unconventional material.The unusual combination of the preciousness of diamonds and the originality of silicone, gives life to the concept of DuePunti.
DuePunti’s diamond rings and bangles (still coming soon but you can email them for special order) feature bold colours, a one of a kind design and modern concept that brings fresh and fun definition to the traditional diamond ring. Designed by the sons of a Milanese diamond dealer DuePunti, or ‘Two Points’ in Italian, has crafted a youthful expression of elegance with a real, natural and conflict free brilliant cut .02 carat diamond.DuePunti's diamond is securely mounted in a sterling silver setting on a comfortable non-allergenic silicone support and signed with the official DuePunti brand stamp. These ‘must have' revolutionary pieces of jewellery, worn by celebrities around the world, are available in a rainbow of bright and vibrant hues. Both the DuePunti ring and bracelet collections are available in twenty- five colours each, including six ‘jelly' colours and three size options.
The buying experience offered by DuePunti is not the same as that given for a conventional piece of diamond jewellery: it is more accessible, more personal, and more fun.

Me, personally, can’t wait for the bangles to hit Jakarta! Haha! So I can wear my diamond bangles in a really fun way!
YEAY! ^.^
Thank you for reading!
xoxo adelle

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  1. I also love the rings from Duepunti, especially that they are so comfortable to wear, and the colors.
    Your link does not work, but I have found another site with free worldwide shipping.