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Today I wanna share with you about a shop and web shop called Pretty Small Shoes. Yes, this is a really good news for you who has small feet and has problem to find pretty shoes in small sizes. So, let me introduce you to Pretty Small Shoes, this small shoes and petite shoes retailer web site and new London store are owned and operated by Pretty Small Shoes Ltd who are completely dedicated to your total small size shoes satisfaction. They are dedicated to finding you the best small shoes available in the world and bringing them to you. Small but high, fashion heels, petite but sexy flats and pumps, they have them all. They work very hard to bring you the world's best and biggest range of high fashion small size shoes and to make sure that they are able to do this they are totally focussed on delivering you the very best online (worldwide shipping!) and in-store service that they can. And if you're living in London, this is another good news for you, as a result of this focus they have moved to a fabulous new shop location in Bloomsbury Central London (4-11 Galen place, Off Bury Place) where they can ensure you get to try for size and style the most fabulous small size shoes available anywhere!

I got myself a beautiful mid heels shoes from them because I am the kind of girl who can not wearing high heels more than two hours. I'd love to wear beautiful high heels all day long, but unfortunately I don't have a super power like that so flat shoes and mid heels shoes are my best friends. Aspire Daytime in brown and khaki is my favourite, you can find them in the mid heels category when you visit the site. Love the colour combination and the ostrich texture leather.

Want to know what makes their pretty small shoes even better? 
They can be made to fit with every order. Once you choose your petit shoes and select your size, they will be custom crafted and delivered straight to your door, so you can slip them onto your feet with a relieving ease and show them off in comfort!

Kindly check out the Pretty Small Shoes website and follow their instagram account to see more beautiful shoes in small sizes!

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