how to put on some make up..

Hi! How are you lovelies?
Now I will discuss my opinion about how young people today with thick makeup.
Well, dear young girls, I really understand you really want to look beautiful and attractive, especially because you want to look beautiful in front of men that you like.
Trust me, I am totally understand, because I am a woman too. 
In addition to the fashionable clothing, we also need to wear makeup to enhance our appearance. But the problem is I often see young kids today love to wear makeup that is too thickbut they only go to the mall or even to school.
I can not lie, but it is very ironic because we still need makeup to look pretty natural.
Therefore, I strongly recommend to wear make up as soft as possible with basic colors, 
such as brown, black or gray and some pink color.

For reference, I took a video of how to wear makeup to still look natural and beautiful.

See?? The model still look beautiful without having to wear excessive make-up with colors that are too flashy. Less is more.

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