my boredom killers

It feels like almost crazy when I feel bored with my life, 
with what I lived as a young doctor and the more annoying when there is a woman who is very excited to show off her boobs to the people. 
Unfortunately, I know this lady and she just makes me feel insecure with that kind of attitude.
Well, let's hope this woman won't show the rest of her body part in front of my boyfriend and other guy who has a girlfriend.
It is so embarrassing to have friends like this.
 Hey girl, learn how to respect yourself.

Prolonged of feeling insecure enough to make me very tired and stressed.Therefore I decided to hang out with some friends who are willing to listen to my story and provide a solution then made ​​me forget about my problems. During the night we laughed till drop, we had such a really great night.BIG THANKS TO YOU GUYS!!
- Kisses and hugs -

Ario and Yudhie

Me and Amril

I really love those tattoos !!

Boredom killers 

Aaah, we love this photo sooo much!

Okay, now I hope Ario will not make fun of me because I put a lot of photos to my blog. HAHA! I really like these pictures, so I am quite confused which one would I choose for my blog, so I finally put these photos. I hope you're agree if the photos are silly but lovely.

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  1. your friend's tattoos are amazeballs!

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    I really love your blog and your style!!
    I follow you :D !!
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