Few days ago I just found out that my blog is featured in www.allwomenstalk.com
as one of 1 of 10 Incredibly Fab Style Blogs from Indonesia.
I am quite surprised that I am on of them.
I found it out when I coincidently running through my blog's stats 
and many people visit my blog from this site.

I am at number 9 out of 10, so, I am so happy that my blog is one of the stylish blog in Indonesia.
I know the other blogs are much way better, more stylish and inspiring than mine.

I've met some of the other bloggers, Marcella Caroline, Anastasia Siantar and Clara Devi,
 they're such a really nice and stylish person.
Well, I can say that they're my seniors as a blogger because I just start my blog a year ago.
So, being featured on the site is inspired me to be more creative and unique in fashion.

I'll try to always share my looks, my favorite stuffs and fashion icons 
and hopefully it will inspired my readers too.

Thank you!

xoxo adelle

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