bows and flowers

Holla readers!

I am so happy that finally I have some time to updating the blog.
Lots of things to do lately.

On March 31st - I am officially a doctor, general practice!! (YEAY!!)
On April 1st - it is my birthday ^.^
On April 5th - it is my boyfriend's birthday!
On April 6th - celebrate the Good Friday 
And today, we celebrating Easter Day!!
Such a really full of fun and lovely week I had.
I've been blessed. 
Thank you God for everything.

Actually, the outfit represents my mood. Celebrations mood.
Bows and flowers. Two common things you see in celebrations events.

By the way, the Annie's Ribbon top is from Loushkii, a local brand from Indonesia.
You can find them at Level One, Grand Indonesia or directly to their website at www.loushkii.com
Their collections are unique. So, feel free to visit the site ^^
I bought the floral skirt at flea market. So vintage and I like the color.
And the leopard wedges is from Up Shoes. Lovely!!

Hopefully, this post will inspired you.
Thank you!

xoxo adelle


  1. so happy to hear about you becoming a GP! :D that's amazing1 Hope you have a lovely birthday and I really love this outfit, have a nice day!



  2. so you got your license for general practice? that's awesome! congratulations! you'll gonna be the most fashionable doctor ever :p

    Come and hail to my cruise, yo mates!