Hi readers, last week I went to Surabaya for few days to visit my grandma.
 I can tell you that the weather in Surabaya is worse than in Jakarta. 
Extremely hot and dry. Crazy.

Even though the weather was insanely hot, I am totally had fun with my family, even my grandma join us to the karaoke until almost midnight. Surely, I have the coolest grandma in the world.
 Haha! We also went to Madura and bought some batik.

From Madura, we were going back to Surabaya and we had a great happy time at Zangrandi ice cream. They have so many different kind of tasty ice cream. 
This place is a heaven for ice cream lovers. You should try it if you go to Surabaya.

My aunty also asked me to go with her to Surabaya Town Square
 and she bought me a couple new glasses!

About the look ...
I am wearing Topshop black floral dress and tote bag,
Mango red cardigan,
and H&M glasses and black flats.

I loooovvveeee my new glasses!!!!

xoxo adelle


  1. yeah!! surabaya's heat is getting crazier each day, I thought jakarta's hotter than surabaya :P

    1. nooo... jakarta is much more better. haha! well, i mean the weather... not the traffic.

  2. so you went my super hawt city of SURABAYA! i hope we could arrange a meet up someday if you visit Surabaya one more time . lovin your dress, dear. <3


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