IYC pitstop!

I am so happy that finally have a time to updating my blog!
So, now I want to share with you about an event by Indonesian Youth Conference, it was held about last week at Beezy Kaffee, Jakarta. I was one of the speakers for the event. The topic was about blogging open new career in fashion world. Pretty interesting since many senior bloggers now having good jobs and career because of their blogs. Well, it was pretty fun to share my thoughts about fashion world in Indonesia with the audiences.

Advan Matthew (Fashion photographer) and Putri Sulistyawati (Model)
Tara Amel, me and Cindy Biantoro
my presentation about blogging..
with the Vice President of Lookbook Jakarta, Mr. Ario Achda !!
Zara clutch and DuePunti diamond rings
IYC speakers and team...
Fish and chips @Beezy Kaffee... happy tummy!!

It was full of fun to share about my blogging experiences, fashion activities, my own clothing line and how to manage my time between my job as a doctor, fashion blogger and clothing line owner at the same time to the audiences. Well, it's clearly tiring sometimes but I think it's better if you have a busy life than just stay at home and do nothing ^.^

I am so sorry about the photos quality of the post but I hope you still have a good time while reading it.

Thank you for reading!
Have a good time.
See ya!

xoxo adelle

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