The Face Hunter

So happy that I was one of 15 winners of The Face Hunter photo contest on Instagram with ak.sa.ra and The Goods Dept. Another friends, Genu and Dimas also one of the winners.
Well, I decided to go to Yvan Rodic's book signing just because I am one of the winners. Hehe!
But, I found out that Yvan is such a really nice and talkative person.
I am happy that I had a chance to have such a fun chit chat and photo session with him.
I was wearing monochrome outfit the attend the event.
About the look...
black see through shirt from La delle Clothing,
tribal bow poncho from La delle Clothing,
grey riding pants from La dell Clothing,
black studded clutch - bought in Hong Kong,
stone necklace from Nats Living Store,
boots - Zara.

A few days before, I got such a lovely and unique package from Nats Living Store, a local brand for accessories from Jakarta, Indonesia. If you like to wear necklace with unique pendants, in this case made by stones, I recommend you to get one for yourselves. 
Ready stock for each item is just 1 piece. But they're receive order to re-make. 
Because it is handmade, each item is different due to the nature of the stones.
All of their products are safe jewelry. They comply to US and EU quality standard for jewelry for being Lead Free and Nickel Free. Another important info for you, the necklaces are so affordable.
So, it's unique, handmade, limited, using safe materials and affordable prices. What a great combo!

The event..

Friends of mine...

Ario Achda
Melody Marvely
It's kinda funny because in this photo looks like Genu was too busy staring at Abigail's boobs ... bro, Abigail's boobs are not the camera. Haha! Focus!
H & M bracelets

Thank you for reading!
Have a good day!

xoxo adelle


  1. It's the first time for me seeing a bow poncho, but it looks so interesting! Really nice ;)

    Have a lovely day,

  2. nice photos!