How are you my readers??

Now, I want to share about the happening news in Indonesia.
Yes. it's about Lady Gaga's concert in Jakarta.
Some people banned her to do the concert and it makes most of Lady Gaga's fans disappointed
because they had bought tickets and it's quite expensive.
Some people who call themselves FPI considered that Lady Gaga embraced heresy and able
to influence her fans. 
What a ridiculous reason for me. 
I am not going to see her concert, but in my opinion it is very absurd to cancel
other people's concert with a non sense reason.

I think it's enough talking about Lady Gaga and FPI thing.
Now, I want to share my daily looks with you.
Almost everyday I took some details of my daily look to my twitter and path.
It's full of fun.

I love to do it after I dressed up...
Some people may think that this is a weird thing to do,
but I don't care...

By the way, yesterday I went to Grand Indonesia and some girls asked me
to take some pictures of me and my outfit.
Hhmm... so random and pretty awkward because I totally had no idea about them.
Well, at least they like my outfit.

xoxo adelle


  1. there are some lovely accessories out there..
    its nice that some random people approached and asked to take your picture.. you must have looked pretty...


  2. great outfits!
    May I know where to buy those kind of bracelets ? I'm looking for it and haven't found yet :D I love skull accessories .


  3. You have a lovely sense of style and a beautiful blog! Please check out mine, maybe we can follow each other?:)