small town hero


This time, I will share you my 'small town hero' videos, Phillip Phillips from American Idol 11.
I totally in love with him from the very beginning... the first audition.
He has such a sexy voice and he plays guitar.
He has the originality. He has his own version of every songs he sang.
So unique and interesting to hear.
Sooooo happy that he make it to the final, he sent Joshua home. Fantastic.
I know and I admit that Jessica Sanchez has such a very powerful voice and she's still 16 years old.
Which is crazy. The judges saved her from the elimination and they said that she's one of the best
singers in America.
I don't care about that such of things. I think Phillip is more talented, a true musician.
We always got something new and fresh every time he's singing on stage.
His performances always entertaining...


Phillip's audition

These are some videos of my favorite performances from Phillip...

U Got it Bad

He's ... lovable.


I know the original version of this 'beggin' song,
but Phillip's version is more unique and easy listening.

We've Got Tonight

You know why I love this performance.
This is so romantic and ... sexy. Haha!

.... aaaaand my favorite duet...

This Love

Somebody That i Used to Know

The other contestant that I like is Heejun Han.
At first I like him because he's a total funny guy 
and he's Korean (you know I really like everything about Korea).
Well, he also has a very nice voice.

The funniest audition ever ... the "Holywoooooooooooooooooooooooooood, I'm coming'
part, really, it is still makes me laugh seriously out loud every time I watch it.
Oooh my God...
He has a nice voice, funny attitude and I just found out today that he also Phillip's best
buddy during the competition. Such a lovely duo!!

The PP's PP thing is a total funny!!
Insanely, crazily and ridiculously funny...
Ohh my God... I just love this two buddies.
PHEEJUN. Bromance.

I hope that Phillip Phillips could be the next American Idol.
Lose or win, I am still on your side Phillip.
Let's hope for the best!!

xoxo adelle