my girl

Holla, my readers!!
I am clearly in a good mood now.
Because Phillip Phillips won the American Idol 11 !!
Goosshh!! I am so happy for him.
Jennifer Lopez maybe disappoint that Jessica Sanchez didn't win, 
but I don't care. Phillip is more talented and unique.
Congratulations to you Phillip!!

Enough about the idol thing...
Now, let me tell you about the inspiration of the look.
Well, yes, my inspiration is My Girl movie.
I watched it few days ago on Fox Family Movies.
One of my favorite movies since I was a little girl.
Floral shirt, lace vest and high waist jeans.
Aaah... I love it!

About the look..
I got the floral shirt from my boyfriend,
lace vest - magnolia,
unbranded jeans,
H&M satchel bag,
VNC oxford shoes - a birthday gift from my boyfriend.

I was so happy that when I saw the movie and realize that
I have the similar clothes with Vada in the movie.
So, I decided to post this outfit.
This is my own version of My Girl outfit, vintage but in modern way, I think.

xoxo adelle


  1. cute ! :D


  2. your outfit looks so gently and playful
    i really like it
    but especially the color combiantion of your tights and
    floral shirt make this look perfect :D
    xoxo ;*


  3. what a sweet outfit!! i love it (: Lovely.


  4. pretty :) :)
    like the combination
    and colors <3