G Dragon Live in Jakarta!

I am totally in happy mode right now because finally I can share with you my unforgettable and full of fun experience watching G Dragon's concert last Sunday. I think it's the best concert I've ever seen. Seriously. The costumes, dancers, sounds, lighting and the stage... are the best. 
Me and my friend had such a really great time, especially when TOP coming out to the stage. Ahahaha! 
He's totally...seriously...and incredibly good looking. G Dragon is also good looking, but Top is still my number one favourite and G Dragon is the second. Haha! 

blue bracelet from Bracelet d' Amitie
you can see a creepy bug on my tee ... oh gosh! 
A friend sent me One of a Kind tee and a BigBang jacket the day before the concert and I decided to wear the tee to the concert, it's glow in the dark! Cool, huh?! Haha! 
You can visit @Popkoreans page and order the same cool tee if you want one.
I also wore my fave Zara black skirt and sneakers to the concert. So comfortable!
I saw some girls wearing high heels to the concert and me and my friend were like ... are you crazy girls? We're going to watch G Dragon and we're in festival class which means we have to stand around 3 hours ... insane. 

The only thing that I don't like about the concert is that we were not allowed to take pictures and videos using any kind of cameras and phones, but most of the fans still used their phones to take pictures and videos. Haha! So, I am sorry if the photo quality is not really good, I only used my iPhone to take the pictures and videos. 
I did my best to get the best moments from the concert to share with you. 
I hope I can post the videos soon ^.^ ... just kindly wait for it.

So sad when the concert is over... haha! It's so good to see G Dragon and Top on stage.
G Dragon is such a really multitalented young man!

Thank you for reading.
The videos are coming soon.

See ya!

xoxo adelle 


  1. Abang jidi ngapain deh nunjuk-nunjuk aku. Ga tahan LDR-an sama aku yaa #delusional #crazyfangirl

    1. itu dia minta matiin lampu nya.. bukan ga tahan LDR haha

  2. oh my... so lucky.. <3

    I bet Top pasti so hensem... hwaaa T.T

  3. jealoussssss. lots of beautiful photos. we love GD and TOP too and daesung and taeyang and seungri and YG Ent too ;p

    Drop by our blog if you have time.

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  6. I am so jealous!!!! I love G-Dragon, but his world tour doesn't include the Americas -___-

  7. looks like you guys had a really great time at the show! love the sneaker wedges and mirror sunnies!

    Check out my new blogpost featuring SUCK IS FREE label launch in Sydney! :)

  8. Oh, wish you were in Singapore so we can ship you a top that G Dragon might like :)

    xoxo FEMMEX

  9. i love GD too. i'm so jealous.
    but, you are really gorgeous. love your post!
    do you want to follow each other?? let me know
    thanks xx