sneak peek : pre wedding photo shoot

Holla everyone!
I can tell you that I am so exciting right now about sharing my pre wedding photo shoot from weeks ago. I can not share all of the photos now because it won't be a surprise at the reception party on August. So, I will share with you the photos on August ^.^

Most of the photos taken at my friend's new cafe named Beezy Kaffee at Wijaya.
One of my faves place to hang out now because I really like the foods and the ambience of the place. Instantly it's also one of many youngsters fave spot to spend their saturday nights with friends or their lovers. You should come to this cafe!
For more info about the cafe, follow their twitter @BeezyKaffee

I've been so busy preparing my wedding day on August. I am happy, excited and tired at the same time.
One of the most important moments of my life and it's just happen once in a lifetime so I want it to be ... hhmm... perfecto! It's normal, right? 

The photographer for the pre wedding shoot said that it is like doing a photo shoot for a fashion spread, because usually Indonesian pre wedding photos are wearing kebayas or white wedding gowns.
You won't see me wearing kebaya in my pre wedding photos but I will share with you the photos from the wedding events when I'm wearing it. 
My make up artist for the shoot is Ayura, a young girl with such a great talent and knows well how to use her make up kits. Haha! (that's her job -__-)
The stylist for my pre wedding photo shoot is my lovely friend Ario Achda,
 the preppy guy from My Brain Malfanction blog. Thank you Ario!! 
You know I love you even more for this!!
I will show you his favourite style for the photo shoot.

Wish us luck for our BIG day!

Thank you for reading.
Have a good day!

xoxo adelle