minty sunday

Happy sunday everyone!
I am totally happy and excited that finally I can share another look with you all.
Today I am wearing such a really simple and comfortable outfit ... as usual. This time I am wearing my new mint colour jegging. Fell in love with the colour from the first time saw it. Well, I can see that lately I am really into something with pastel colours such as bag, shoes and accessories.

About the look...
Forever21 hat - it's a birthday gift,
unbranded stipes tee,
unbranded wooden necklace and colorful skull bracelet,
Zara minty jegging,
Perspex clutch - Tangerine Room.

My current fave pieces, it's diamond rings from DuePunti, it made in Italy. The unusual combination of the preciousness of diamonds and the originality of silicone gives life to the concept of DuePunti.
DuePunti's diamond rings and bracelets (will be coming soon in Indonesia--can't wait!) feature bold colours, a one of a kind design and modern concept that brings fresh and fun definition to the traditional diamond ring. The buying experience offered by Duepunti is not the same as that given for a conventional piece of diamond jewellery. It's more accessible, more personal and more fun. 
The best thing about it is that I can wear these beautiful diamond rings with no worries that people may think that I am showing off. I am still young but still I am a girl and a girl loves to wear diamonds and glad that DuePunti produces cute rings with eye catchy colour and shiny diamonds.
Definitely a-must-have-item!!

Visit their site HERE (coming soon) 
For order, feel free to send them an email to orders@indoduepunti.com  

feeling so happy while wearing this lovely pumps from Forever21!

Thank you for reading everyone!
Have a nice Sunday!

xoxo adelle