Meet up!

Happy Sunday everyone! Las night I had a fun meeting with my fellas from Lookbook Jakarta at FatBack, FX. We were discussed about our next big event... I can't tell you now about the details, it's still a secret. Just wait and we will announce the event in months. 
So, yesterday, I wore some lovely pink pieces I have combined with my plain black pencil skirt.
I got the cute ice cream colours top and neon pink necklace from xFemmex, Singapore. 
Femmex started out as an alternative fashion store for girls who just want to be different. A journey that all fashion adventurous girls embark on for their ultimate style destination and they takes all that edge and make it into something even better.
FEMME means ‘female’ in French.
From fabric to thread count, style, cutting and design, every detail is painstakingly taken care of in every production and sewing. You can be assured that style always comes with substance in every piece of Femmex clothing.
Click HERE to see the lovely and tempting products ^.^

Femmex ice cream top - shop from here,
Femmex pink neon rope necklace - shop from here,
pink blazer - H&M

Good news for you! Femmex is doing a contest to win $100 shopping spree!
Feel free to join the contest! 
Here are the terms and conditions ^.^

Good luck to all of you!
Have a good day.

xoxo adelle


  1. pretty curious 'bout the event

    Miss Aa

  2. Cantik-cantik semua! Aksesoris seperti yang kakak pakai bisa beli dimana ya? Unik-unik ^^

    1. Saya baru beli aksesoris seperti itu di Zalora, murah banget mumpung ada diskon 15%. Saya dapat info diskon dari http://e-vouchers.co.id/ lumayan hemat uang ^^